Limy VPN

Limy VPN is an excellent Virtual Private Network solution for those of you who want a secure way of communicating and absolute freedom to view any site or application you like. With a static IP address assigned to your VPN account, you can browse freely with high security standards for all your online data.

Some of the many advantages of using our services are:

  • Money-saving price of our services.
  • The ability to visit any Internet resource without restrictions (watch TV online, access sites such as Hulu, BBC, use Skype, listen to music, play popular games…).
  • Maximum protection for all our clients.
  • Non-stop efficient support (we will help you deal with any issues or answer any question you have).
  • Setup is very easy, as well as the use of our service.

We give Vietnamese citizens an opportunity to preserve their anonymity while surfing the web with a changed IP address.

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