Limy VPN

With Limy VPN, everyone can protect his privacy and browse without the fear of being monitored. We offer a high speed, flexible and efficient service with our ultra high speed servers and the ability to encrypt online data. You can unblock Skype from Dubai and make calls or surf the web freely and without restrictions. UAE and Dubai are blocking PPTP protocol so we recommend the use of SSL packages for the citizens of UAE. Using Limy VPN services will enable you to finish all work or non-work issues with excellent web security.

We would like to mention only some of the many benefits that our service comes with:

  • The cheapest price that will save you a lot of money.
  • 100% Internet liberty (all blocked sites are accessible without problems).
  • Nonstop technical support and compatibility with every OS.
  • High efficiency and unlimited web traffic.

Choose Limy VPN for UAE and you will be able to have a secured connectivity to any location worldwide and surf anonymously through the censored world of the Internet..

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