Limy VPN

Limy VPN is a Virtual Private Network solution available to the citizens of Thailand who want total anonymity and privacy on the Internet. With Thai VPN account, you will be able to connect to our servers worldwide and browse without limitations and restrictions. Your IP address will be changed and that way you will hide your real location. All your personal data is safe with us and all the blocked sites are accessible without problems.

Our service comes with many benefits:

  • Cheap price for an excellent efficiency and speed.
  • Absolute protection and liberty to use any resource (watch TV online, play games or entertain yourself…).
  • Encrypted traffic using PPTP, L2TP IPsec or SSL encryption with maximum 2048 bits.

From personal to business usage, everyone demands a secure way of communicating on the web, and that is why Limy VPN is ideal for you.

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