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Swiss Limy VPN represents an excellent solution for those who want to change their IP address and surf anonymously and without any restrictions. With our PPTP, L2TP IPsec or SSL encryption, you are guaranteed a safe connectivity to Switzerland from any location worldwide. High level of data protection ensures privacy of communication between you and your bank`s server so you can protect your online banking activities easily. All credit card transactions (funds transferring, payments, money deposits) and your entire sensitive data (PINs, passwords, credit card number) will be encrypted and safe against hackers. Protect your username and password from information thieves with our VPN services.

These are only some of the benefits you will get when using Limy VPN services in Switzerland:

  • Absolute security with no restrictions on traffic volume.
  • Highly affordable costs and high-level reliability.
  • Access to blocked sites and the ability to bypass filters (you can watch TV online, listen to music, play games or use Skype or VoIP).

With this cost-effective way of utilizing the Internet through a secured connection, Limy VPN is exactly what you have been looking for. You will be highly satisfied and feel protected against hackers or any cyber frauds.

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