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Since censorship is applied in certain countries, all Internet communication by video, voice or instant messaging through Skype is restricted or blocked. With our VPN service, its encrypted traffic, fast servers and 3 different protocols, all your p2p communication will be absolutely protected and without any blockings or restrictions. You will be able to use VoIP, make free phone calls and bypass phone companies and their charges. Limy VPN services for South Africa will ensure the transfer of calls between offices around the globe for your safe business communication. You will have the opportunity to make long distance and international calls through VoIP to anywhere in the world.

When deciding about your VPN provider, you should bear in mind the following benefits we offer:

  • Our services support multiple operating systems, protocols and devices.
  • Ability to access any Internet resource at any moment, without limitations.
  • High quality of service with affordable price.
  • Constant technical support and easy setup and maintenance.
  • Total anonymity and unlimited web traffic.

Limy VPN guarantees a secure communication from your computer to any destination via the Internet, so you will be able to contact your business partners, friends or family members easily through Skype, regardless of the geographical distance between you.

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