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Saudi Arabia has the reputation of having the most aggressive Internet censorship with over 4 million sites being blocked. Limy VPN represents an ideal choice for those who need unlimited access to any web content and liberty while utilizing the Internet. We offer static IP addresses to Saudi Arabian citizens that mask your real location and leave no trace of your online activities. You can choose from the list of our constantly available servers all over the world and browse without limitations or blockings. This way you will be able to visit any Internet resource you want, without any censorship.

These are some of the important benefits of using Limy VPN services for Saudi Arabia:

  • Maximum privacy while surfing (we hide your real geographical location)
  • All blocked sites are accessible without any problems (you can watch TV online, use Skype or VoIP, play poker, listen to your favorite music etc.).
  • You will save a lot of money and get a reliable and efficient service.
  • Ability to choose protocols according to your needs (we support all types of devices and operating systems).

If you opt for Limy VPN service, you will be able to bypass all Internet filters, send confidential mails or keep your business communication safe, without the fear of being recorded or monitored.

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