Limy VPN

Limy VPN provides a secured tunnel from your computer to another location in the world by using servers in many countries. That way, your IP address is changed and no logs of your online activities are kept. With Russian VPN, you can play games, make calls, use social networks and exchange confidential data with top anonymity and privacy. All your browsing is redirected and you surf under the identity of our Russian server.

Our packages come with many benefits for the customers:

  • Unblocking all Internet resources (anyone can visit sites like Pandora, Hulu, Netflix…).
  • Guaranteed anonymity (there will be no trace of your web activities).
  • Efficient technical support 24 hours a day.
  • Best encryption level and unlimited bandwidth volume for an affordable price.

From personal to business usage, everyone needs to protect himself from cyber crime, which is now possible with Limy VPN services available all the time.

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