Limy VPN

By using Limy VPN service, Omani citizens will be able to access the Internet resources freely with no restrictions and censorships. We will assign you a VPN account and a changed IP address so that you can unblock Skype, use RTE player or exchange personal or business mails. Your anonymity is our high priority and you will be safe with us since all your data is encrypted and fully protected. We have available servers in many countries throughout the world.

Limy VPN comes with numerous merits:

  • Full access to blocked sites at any moment.
  • Maximum Internet liberty and absolute safety while surfing the web.
  • Simple setup and constant, efficient live support.
  • Affordable price for excellent efficiency and reliability.
  • Ability to choose among different packages, protocols and devices we support and adjust them according to your own needs.

You will be highly satisfied with speed, flexibility and cost of Limy VPN service for Oman. You will have the opportunity to surf unrestrictedly through the censored world of the web.

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