Limy VPN

By creating a tunnel between the computer and one of our available servers, Limy VPN offers you the ability to solve all your work or non-work issues with complete anonymity. If you use a static Norwegian based IP address, you are guaranteed to have top security and improved efficiency. You can use Skype or VoIP, exchange confidential correspondence without the worry of being hacked or watch live and recorded television from around the world. All Norwegian national TV channels (such as NRK, TV2 Sonen, Miracle TV etc.) are non-stop available, without restrictions. Being the best in speed and stability of its worldwide servers, VPN Norway is the perfect choice for you.

When deciding on a secured connection, you should be aware of its many benefits:

  • Money-saving price for an option flexible in speed.
  • No limitations on bandwidth and no stored logs of your cyber traffic.
  • Easy setup and a non-stop live technical support.
  • It supports multiple protocols, devices and operating systems.
  • Guaranteed anonymity and 100% Internet liberty.

With its quality of service and ease of use, Limy VPN is an inexpensive way of communicating with your business partners or your friends and family members worldwide.

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