Limy VPN

If you want to maintain the anonymity of your web browsing and other online usage and hide the real geographic location of your computer, Limy VPN is an excellent way to achieve your objectives. We offer services for the citizens of Mexico so you can choose any of our many available servers to redirect your browsing. Basically, your IP address changes and you browse and surf under the identity of our server. With this option, you can protect all your confidential data and correspondence since we encrypt all incoming and outgoing information.

You should be aware of the many advantages of using our service:

  • Easy to set up and use with constant technical support from our team.
  • Affordable price for high quality of service.
  • Unlimited bandwidth volume with total security and anonymity.
  • Blocked sites are accessible with no problem.

With our static IP address, you can surf the Internet with no fear of being located or compromised in any way.

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