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With German Limy VPN services, you can freely browse the web, find your torrent of interest and download it anonymously. We are aware that torrent sites are illegal in many countries because of the distribution of copyright material, but with torrent VPN services you will be able to upload or download anything, distribute all types of files and even speed up your torrent downloads. Our fast and stable servers enable you to enjoy p2p file sharing or safe and private torrent downloading at home or at work. You can even download large files like movies or songs absolutely free of charge. Your anonymity is guaranteed and your shared files cannot be hacked or compromised.

It is important to mention the benefits of using our VPN services:

  • Total security (meaning that you can send confidential mails or visit any site you want as all your data will be encrypted).
  • Very affordable costs, which are a major factor nowadays.
  • High efficiency with easy setup and maintenance of our service.
  • Unlimited bandwidth with the ability to unblock and access any site (you can use Zattoo, enjoy your favorite TV program, play games etc.).

Limy VPN in Germany protects your privacy while downloading any type of files by providing you with a changed IP address that conceals your true location.

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