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With Limy VPN services for mobile devices such as Nokia (E63, E71, E72, N900, 5800), your correspondence is completely safe. Your email communication, both personal and business, the checking of your bank accounts and all passwords that you use are protected with Limy VPN. With your entire personal information exposed, mobile devices are especially vulnerable and anyone can intercept your connection. With Egypt VPN service, you can avoid leaving any track behind you and get the ability to secure your mobile browsing (even at cafes or airports where you are using public Wi-Fi connection over your mobile devices).

Some of the important benefits of using Limy VPN service are:

  • Total anonymity while surfing (we hide your real geographical location).
  • Blocked sites are easily accessible (you can watch TV online, use Skype or VoIP, entertain yourself by playing games etc.).
  • You will save a lot of money and get a high-quality service.
  • Ability to choose protocols according to your needs and requests (we support all kinds of devices and operating systems).

Egyptian VPN services, an inexpensive virtual private network solution for your communication over different mobile devices, will encrypt all incoming and outgoing data, without the fear of being hacked.

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