Limy VPN

Limy VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between the computers at the both ends of the private network and makes all the transmission of online data safe and secure. With our services, the citizens of Denmark can access any website or utilize the Internet through a completely secured connection. All our servers provide you with 128-2048 bits connection for all programs and websites that you are using. As to your banking and payment activities, you have the possibility of using Pay Pal for all your online payments as a great way of protecting your identity while shopping online.

If the people from Denmark decide to use the services of any of the available servers, they will have:

  • Ability to bypass all Internet filters (you can download or upload anything, play games or use Skype and VoIP).
  • Absolute Internet liberty and anonymity (your personal or confidential data is safe with us).
  • Highly affordable cost (you can save a lot of money but get quality of service).

With this type of high-cyber security, hackers cannot trace your IP address and you can surf without restrictions with our servers available all the time.

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