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Censorship in China is probably stronger than in any other country in the world with its Great Firewall and numerous restrictions on the Internet content. Government authorities do not only block website content, but also monitor the Internet access of individuals. Every connection that contains intensive censored terms may be closed by the Great Firewall and there are bans on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. There are restrictions even on electronic messages and e-mail correspondence, and Chinese authorities intercept all incoming data. With Limy VPN services, users can bypass the censorship and monitoring of the massive firewall and enjoy total freedom on the web.

Some of the key benefits of using Limy VPN services in China are:

  • Cost savings for stable and high speed service.
  • The possibility to choose some of our available packages.
  • Absolute Internet liberty (visit any site without limitation) and anonymous surfing, online banking activities, visiting entertainment sites etc.
  • We offer you 24/7 live expert technical support.

Unblock all sites with your IP address concealed and get around the firewall easily with VPN service. You will be able to bypass all imposed online restrictions and use Facebook and Twitter freely.

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