Limy VPN

Everyone wants a secure way of communicating and data transferring, both for personal and for business usage. With Limy VPN services in Chile, your web browsing or surfing will be absolutely anonymous and all your sensitive information absolutely protected. With our stable and fast server in Chile and a Chilean based IP address, you will appear to be in Chile, so you can visit all major websites, watch online TV in Spanish, do all banking activities, access entertainment sites or use Skype and VoIP.

Our services come with numerous merits, such as:

  • Absolute protection of your web activity and total anonymity (no logs are stored and there can be no trace of your IP address).
  • Ability to access blocked websites freely with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Cheap price for quality and flexible service.
  • Constant technical support (for any questions or dilemmas you may have).

Chilean VPN services give you the opportunity to enjoy all Spanish-based content online (such as series or movies), from any location throughout the world, by using our super reliable server in Chile.

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