Limy VPN

With cyber crime on the rise, you have to protect yourself by utilizing the Internet through a secured connection. Brazil VPN offers ideal solution with fast and stable servers in Brazil. Our service provides an encrypted tunnel through which the information is safely transferred from your computer to any geographic destination.

Some of the numerous advantages of using Brazilian VPN are:

  • Cost-effective price of our services.
  • Unlimited access to blocked sites (you can watch TV, use Skype and VoIP or play poker).
  • Total protection and anonymity (your real IP address is never stored so there will be no trace of your online activities).
  • Easy to set up and maintain (with our non-stop available, expert technical support).

With the possibility to choose any of our packages with IPsec or SSL encryption and adjust it to your needs and demands, you will greatly benefit from using our services. Brazilian VPN service is also available for all BlackBerry devices.

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