Limy VPN

With Limy VPN services, all your information is encrypted by using VPN protocols, so you can browse the Internet freely without the fear of being monitored or compromised. We offer many available servers for the citizens of Belize that will secure your online data and communication and protect your cyber privacy. If you want to hide your real location, you will be able to get a static IP address of the country you choose, and then you can easily access any resource (such as RTE player).

These are only some of the reasons for choosing us:

  • Unlimited volume of Internet traffic with all the data encrypted.
  • Easy setup and non-stop live technical support team.
  • Unblocking all the Internet resources (online TV, videos, music, games and banking services).
  • Best in speed, uptime, cost and anonymity.

With protecting your entire incoming and outgoing information, you will feel free to use the Internet without any restrictions on your online privileges.

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