Limy VPN

Surfing anonymously and without any restrictions is what everyone needs. With Limy VPN, you can access any blocked site, watch TV online, play games or use Skype and VoIP wherever you are. Once you have been assigned an Austrian based IP address, you will be free to browse without any censorship and improve the security standards for your online data. This is especially important for all your sensitive information involved in online banking activities, such as your passwords, PINs, credit card numbers and access codes. By using VPN, you will have fast access to your funds and guaranteed privacy of communication between you and your bank, with all confidential information absolutely protected.

These are only some of the numerous advantages of choosing Limy VPN services in Austria:

  • Improved safety (your logs will not be stored and your data will be secured).
  • Bypassing Internet filtering and unblocking sites (such as Hulu, BBC, etc.).
  • Cost saving option (very affordable price of VPN service).
  • Better efficiency and unlimited bandwidth volume (no limitations on your net traffic).

We create a secured tunnel between your computer and our Austrian server that makes it possible for you to connect to Austria from any location all over the world.

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